Canoeing on the Burrum River


Canoe to Burrum Heads Rowing to Burrum Heads 18km


Groups of canoeists will be guided down the lovely and peaceful Burrum River. Those interested should phone the office to book in groups or join a party of other adventurers.The maximum group number is sixteen persons.

Come and join in on a tranquil canoeing adventure on the Burrum River. Departure is from 805 Burrum Heads Rd to Burrum Heads, or upstream depending on tides and winds . The canoe ride takes approximately 4 hours over a distance of roughly 18km.

Going with the tide, in the absence of any strong headwind, makes for a easy ride . There will be opportunities to stop, relax and take it all in. One is sure to see some interesting animal life such as eagles, turtles and dugongs.

All the canoes are 2 seater so partners will be able to share a canoe.

We supply everything:-camouflage canoes, snacks, refreshments, coolers and a waterproof containers. Canoeists may bring personal items such as sun cream, hats, phones,cameras etc in a waterproof bag.

All members must arrive one hour before departure in order to meet a canoeing partner (if alone), for a debrief on safety during the course of the trip.

We do ask that you organise to be dropped off at the start and met at the destination. However, there will be transport available to assist. Please advise when booking if you require a lift back to the start.

As far as safety goes, the Burrum River has no rapids, it is shallow and is usually an easy row. Life vests are provided and the canoes are unsinkable. Capsizing is a matter of getting wet! There will be a team of canoeists to assist in getting all back on board!

Please email for further information