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Courses are being designed to suit various Individuals, groups, abilities and ages. These unique courses are being held by Special Force veteran, Jimmy, who on top of vast military combat experience, has built an elite and high profile security force in Africa, offering enormous support to Embassies, Corporations and the local population. He & Cathy are the founders of a Private Clinic in Malawi, with wards, theatre, trauma unit, chemist, laboratory, ambulances which employed several doctors & nurses.  Jimmy was an executive in an American- Owned corporation for 15 years, travelling the world on business and attending courses in the USA . The full commando course is focused on team work, goal setting and business management.

Cathy is a trained secondary school teacher and will play a support role in these courses. She will assist in the Flame Lily Adventure project using her vast experience in administration, having been heavily involved in the successful security and medical ventures mentioned above.

The Swans have lived in Australia for 11 years and have recently settled on a farm on the Burrum River to commence the Flame Lily Adventures Park.

We assure all participants that they will be in good, safe hands because we believe, "WHO CARES WINS"! This has been our company motto for 20 years.

COURSES :  Please watch the website or contact us for your special course needs: See SHORT COURSES below.


The full Commando Course is presently aimed at Corporations, Governmental Departments, Businesses and  School Leavers. These people, particularly, may have been in a routine jobs for many years, or attended schools where team work has not been the focus. This course will be a personal achievement in many ways, not only  that participants will receive some discipline, accept authority, learn about guerilla war tactics and survival skills, but form bonds with strangers. Learning to take responsibility for one another, whereby the strong encourage the physically weaker in some tasks, and the weaker find their strengths in other spheres,  will grow confidence in all. The fact we can rely on team mates and realise our potential will remain with all, even after returning home or back to the work place.

All are welcome as individuals, husbands and wives with mature family members or partners or companies or Government Departments who wish to treat their staff and management or family member to this course, . Working together in a different environment has many advantages such as improving relationships and getting to know the hidden qualities of individuals.

In today`s world, much has been lost through busy and hectic lifestyles.

FLA DECLARATION : We are not politically, racially, religiously or gender biased and any combat referred to is part of history, something we cannot change, so any questions about WHY etc will be answered with.. “Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die”

What we do warn all our applicants in advance is that the course based on western values and English is the chosen language at all times. All meals are provided by outside caterers and are healthy, good quantity & quality.  All team members will eat the same meals but an exception will be made for vegetarians at the time of application.

All applicants, when completing the detailed  form, must ensure they are fit and healthy, not handicapped and be of sound mind, as the course requires several physical and mental challenges.

Luxuries will not be on offer and adequate meals and drinks will be supplied. Laundry will be the responsibility of each person. Long hours, even some night exercises during the 5 day course, requires members` dedicating to accepting instruction without question, striving to achieve all tasks given and becoming a stronger person for it. The experienced instructors will pace the participants according to age and fitness.

COMMON GOAL : Our niche in the world of Team Building, is that we are orientated towards to introducing our clients to the almost real world of a Commando for 5 days and within this concept, learn the most important part of their training... “Leave No-One Behind”.

The aim during all manoeuvres, physical challenges etc. is that no team finishes or wins without the whole team and the weak or wounded cross the line first.

Drill, though it seems strange, instills coordination, pride, team spirit and discipline and this will be part of the course. A final passing out parade will be held on the Friday, in military dress. A red beret, displaying the FLA badge will be placed on your head in recognition of your successful completion. This, plus your uniform, will remain as a powerful reminder of an achievement for the rest of your life.

Instructors will expect all participants to take directives without argument.  There will be no verbal abuse (as practised by the military trainers). The pace will be set by the teams in all challenges and again, all are winners when the last crosses the line.

GENERAL PLAN : All participants ar to arrive by mid-day on the Sunday, be issued a tent and given a briefing. Once settled in, tent erected, all will be permitted to take the rest of the day off to travel to Burrum Heads and have a meal, a drink and relax. (No meals are available on site till breakfast on Monday morning) All will return to base no later than 19.00 hrs that evening for your 6.00 am start in the morning. Please do not drink alcohol as this will effect the start.

By 6am all must be at the ready, washed and dressed in PT kit  and fall into position in the parade area. Mobiles phones and car keys must be handed to your instructor at this time. They will be kept in a safe place. Any personal messages deemed urgent should come through to the office and shall be brought to your attention immediately. 


Uniforms are compulsory and dress codes will be specified for all objectives. No civilian clothing or other types of camouflage can be mixed with this uniform and hence must be acquired before the course commences. Once you have completed the application form, deposit paid and you have been accepted, the supplier’s details will be made available. You will be expected to acquire all the listed items well in advance, as once you have all the items, you will need to clearly mark them with your name, preferably behind a collar, or in a seam, so as not visible when wearing. The course is discounted $500 to allow you to purchase your own uniforms.  The supporting requirements like mattress for tents, running shoes, a battery light for the tent, a torch, a small medical pack (with plasters, general tablets, antiseptic, vaseline, midge spray, suntan cream etc) will be selected by yourself.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Some may feel they are paying for uniform items that may be only used once. To supply every participant would involve too many logistical problems because of varying sizes etc. What you learn from the hand-selected instructors on the course is a combination of introducing you to new knowledge and part training you as a soldier. Therefore, all must be dressed identically to in order for the course objectives to be achieved. This outlay for clothing is worthwhile for what will be gained on the course.  The uniform could be kept as a reminder of your experience, sold on, or used for you or your friends and family on future camps here or elsewhere.  FLA will accept camouflage uniform donations if you do not wish to keep the uniforms. Some less fortunates may decide to come on the course as individuals and cannot afford the outlay. In this case, your name tags will be removed and the uniform donated.

Camouflage tents and a name tag will be supplied by us.  A red beret and badge and a  "Certificate of Completion" will be presented to each successful participant on completion of the course.  These  items, except for the tent, remain your property at the end. .

Course dates will be displayed in COMING EVENTS well in advance. Applicants must be committed financially, 6 weeks prior and then order uniforms etc. Once full payment is received, no refund is offered, regardless if a client decides to cancel a booking, leave during a course, or be asked to leave if circumstances require this measure. ( This measure will be the decision of the team, the team leader and finally the Instructor.)

DISCOUNTS : Any group confirmations and payments will receive 5% for 5 persons, 10% for 10 and 16% for the whole course  (maximum of 16 participants).

IMPORTANT : It is important to know that there will be several physical challenges, for example daily use of the assault course, hikes, runs, canoeing trips, abseiling down a log wall, skirmishing under barbed wire and so on. Scrapes, bruises, blisters, splinters etc can be expected and these are easily treated by yourself and team mates and we carry on as the Brave Hearts we are. FLA does not accept any responsibility for any injury whatsoever to participants or damage to their property. There will be an indemnity within the application. We do our best to prevent injury but the mere nature of these courses can lead to some minor injuries. Again, we need you to be reasonably fit and healthy and of sound mind. This course is not gruelling and the majority should complete it. Those carrying extra weight before may shed a few unwanted kilos!

There is the ambulance service in the case of trauma and a GP close by at Burrum Heads if required .


Please CONTACT to discuss your requirements. Should you wish to utilise the 10m parajump and abseiling tower and /or assault course for health and safety instruction, or for a personal experience, Jimmy will make it possible for all to find a suitable time after work hours, if necessary. All age groups are welcome but school pupils must be accommpanied by a teacher or member of the PTA. Bookings must be made in advance.

Application Form For Team Building Courses :    Click on COMMANDO COURSE FORM.  Please read the application booking for and the indemnity clause carefully, complete and sign it and fax 07 4129 0977 or email it to