Kit List for 5 Day Course



Our 5 DAY COURSE requires all participants to wear the uniform in the sequence requested.  This is part of the discipline, pride and uniformity which comes into play in your short introduction to experiencing 5 days in the life of a "Commando". 

Please contact for further information regarding uniform supplier and kit. Below is only a guide to kit costs. 

Compulsory Camouflage Uniform... Please see photos below, and prices estimates.

1.   Dress Shirt, Camo.  Sizes for M & F to select  Price $ 39.95
      Dress Code:  No 1`s Drill and Dinner Wear.  1X Shirt compulsory

2.   Dress longs, Camo.  Size M & F to select. Price $49.95
      Dress Code:  No. 1`s Drill & Dinner Wear 1 X Longs  Compulsory

3.   Camo Shorts  Size M & F to select  $29.95
      Daily Activities .  2X Pairs Compulsory

4.  Camo T-Shirts Size M & F to select.  Price $ 19.95
      PT and General Wear  2 X T-Shirts Compulsory

5.  Green Jungle Boots Size M & F to select Price $49.95
      No.1`s Drill and Smart Wear.  Not Compulsory.  Angle High Boots black or brown with a normal heel for avoidance of feet problems!

6.  Camo Fllece Jacket.  Size M & F to slect.  Price $49.95.
      For Cold nights and morning wear/ 1X Jacket compulsory

7.  Camo Peaked CapSize M & F top select Price $ 9.95
     Worn at ALL TIMES other than indoors.  Headgear OFF indoors.  1 X Cap Compulsory

8.  Camo Day Pack .  Price ------
     Endurance march 1X Pack Compulsory

9.   Black Dress Belt Price $5.95
      Drill & Smart Wear. 1 X Belt Compulsory

10. Water Bottle & Camo Pouch Price $ 14.90 Black Pistol Belt $ 10.00
      Endurance march and general wear at PT.  Both Compulsory

11. Camo Poncho ..1 Size  $7.95
       Wet Weather. 21 x Compulsory

12. Clips to secur Water Bottle  Price $1.50 each
      2X Clips Compulsory

13. Camo Vest-ranger with Zips & Hood $ 49.95
       NOT Compulsory but handy for PT and No.1`s

14. Each pearticipant receives a Camo Dome Tent 2mX2mX1.35 (H).  It takes seconds to recect and disassemble  Abroad it is considered a 3-Man tent??!!  It is     mozzi -proof and protected with a water-proofing sealer.

15. Team Commando Beret.  All participants are issued with this beret & badge to be worn at the bried drill prade on Friday.  It serves as a memoire as your time  spent as a trainee commando at Flame Lily Adventures.

A GOLD NAME TAG will be supplied by us to all participants.


NO. 1`s .......Dress Shirt & Longs , Black Dress Belt, Boots and Fleece Jacket (if cold) & Camo Peak Cap.
PT- .............Shorts , T-Shirt, Your preferred Running Shoes, Camo Peak Cap, Black Pistol Belt and Water Bottle.


Mattress & Pillow Sleeping Bag & Sheets Underwear
Torch Socks Toiletries
Suntan Cream Insect Repellent Medication
Diving Boots for Canoing Running Shoes (Spare) Swimwear
Towels Torch with spare batteries etc