• 1) 10:  Water Bottle & Camo Pouch<br/>
Price $ 14.90<br/>
Black Pistol Belt $ 10.00<br/>
Endurance march and general wear at PT.<br/>
Both Compulsory
  • 2) 11: Camo Poncho<br/>
..1 Size<br/>
Price $7.95<br/>
Wet Weather. 21 x Compulsory
  • 3) 12:  Clips to secur Water Bottle<br/>
Price $1.50 each<br/>
2X Clips Compulsory
  • 4) 13:  Camo Vest-ranger with Zips & Hood<br/>
Price $ 49.95<br/>
NOT Compulsory but handy for PT and No.1's
  • 5) 01: Dress Shirt, Camo.<br/>
Sizes for M & F to select Price $ 39.95<br/>
Dress Code:  No 1's Drill and Dinner Wear.<br/>
1X Shirt compulsory
  • 6) 02: dress longs, Camo.  Size M & F to select.<br/>
Price $49.95<br/>
Dress Code:  No. 1's Drill & Dinner Wear 1 X Longs  Compulsory
  • 7) 03: Camo Shorts Size M & F to select<br/>
Price $29.95<br/>
Daily Activities .  2X Pairs<br/>
  • 8) 04: Camo T-Shirts Size M & F to select.<br/>
Price $ 19.95<br/>
PT and General Wear<br/>
2 X T-Shirts Compulsory
  • 9) 05: Green Jungle Boots Size M & F to select Price $49.95 No.1's Drill and Smart Wear. 
Not Compulsory.  Angle High Boots black or brown with a normal heel for avoidance of feet problems!
  • 10) 06: Camo Fllece Jacket.<br/>
Size M & F to slect. Price $49.95.<br/>
For Cold nights and morning wear/ 1X Jacket compulsory
  • 11) 07: Camo Peaked CapSize M & F top select<br/>
Price $ 9.95 Worn at All time other than indoors. Headgear OFF indoors.<br/>
1 X Cap Compulsory
  • 12) 08: Camo Day Pack.<br/>
Price ------<br/>
Endurance march 1X Pack Compulsory
  • 13) 09:  Black Dress Belt<br/>
Price $5.95<br/>
Drill & Smart Wear.<br/>
1 X Belt Compulsory
  • 14) 15: Team Commando Beret.  All participants are issued with thsi beret & badge to be worn at the bried drill prade on Friday.  It serves as a memoire as your time spent as a trainee commando at Flame Lily Adventures.
  • 15) 14: Each pearticipant receives a Camo Dome Tent 2mX2mX1.35 (H).  It takes seconds to recect and disassemble  Abroad it is considered a 3-Man tent??!!  It is mozzi -proof and protected with a water-proofing sealer.